• Cabana lemn rotund

    Cabana lemn rotund

  • Cabane lemn rotund

    Cabana lemn rotund

  • Cabane lemn masiv

    Cabane din lemn masiv

  • Constructie cabana brad

    Cabane din busteni


cabana lemnSC VodaConstruct LLC, builds houses, wooden houses, lofts, garden houses and ornamental garden furniture of all types and sizes according to customer needs with customer design or by our projects. We guarantee quality and at the most affordable prices, having vast experience in woodworking for over 15 years.

Location ranged anywhere in the world

Module construction allows us to place the buildings both in urban and in rural areas, transportation is done to the client's location anywhere in the world.

Why wood?

Convenience of the desire to improve the quality of life, and return to naturalness, represents the major concerns for those who want a single-family living and healthy. Increasingly more people find the answer to these trends: wooden houses.


Strada 1 Mai, Comuna Bistra, jud. Alba
For orders please contact us at tel:
+40 784 729 891
+40 740 591 957